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Real Girl

Hello, hello, my name is Dasha! I am a cheerful red-haired girl and I do not like to sit in one place, I am always drawn to adventures I would like to become your online girl, I can't wait to show you my naughty little world I have soooo many interesting stories, I want to share them with you! I am a skinny little girl, my height is 62.2 inches, weight is 103.62 lb and foot size is 8.5 inches I like: doing sports (I am a professional skier athlete) watch anime play computer games travel cooking delicious treats I like to play the piano and I want to play it for you I have a lot of hobbies! I am a very kind, sweet and open person, I like to be creative and I take pictures a lot I like to dance (I have something to share with you))) And I really like to try something new I get very lonely and I often come here to have fun and play, so write to me as soon as possible!!! PROFILE DASHA