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Looking for a fun neighbor girl with a ะก-size boobs? You're at the right place, come on in I'm Valerie Ukrainian at heart and passport, but had to move to another country ... by the way this is one of the reasons why I created OnlyFans. I love new acquaintances, especially when you are sociable and share with me your fantasies I'm a student, I'm 20 years old, I like to keep fit, so sports are an integral part of my life, and to have something to work on - life gave me a love for cooking, namely baking But there will be no cooking recipes or pumping videos here I'm here to be your unobtrusive girl on the stairwell, with whom you can simply share news, silently watch me play with myself , or have a hot night of sexting that will make the other neighbors want to join us I'm getting impatient to get to know you, aren't you? Simply text me in DM your name PROFILE VALERIE FLOR